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WDAY 970 AM / 93.1 FM Lineup

Monday – Friday 

Midnight – 4AM: Red Eye Radio

4AM – 5AM: America In The Morning

5AM – 7AM: WDAY First News

7AM – 9AM: AM Fargo-Moorhead with Mike Kapel

9AM – 11AM : “Hot Mic” with Dom Izzo

11AM – 2PM: Markley, Van Camp & Robbins

2PM – 5PM: The Jay Thomas Show

5PM – 5:30PM: WDAY News @ 5

5:30PM – 6PM: ABC World News Tonight


6PM – 6:30PM: WDAY News @ 6

7PM – 9PM: The Ben Shapiro Show

9PM-10PM: The Jim Bohannon Show

10PM – 10:35PM – WDAY News @ 10

10:35PM – Midnight – The Jim Bohannon Show


Midnight – 5AM: Red Eye Radio

5AM – 6AM: This Weekend with Gordon Deal

6AM – 7AM: Rethink Your Money with Keystone Wealth Partners

7AM – 8AM: WDAY First News

8AM – 9AM: The Golf Show with Jeff Kolpack

9AM – 10AM: Rethink Your Money with Keystone Wealth Partners

10AM – 1PM: At Home with Gary Sullivan


1PM – 2PM: The McLaughlin Group

2PM – 3PM: Our American Stories

3PM – 6PM: Kim Komando

6PM – 9PM: Handel On The Law

9PM – Midnight: Leo Laporte “The Tech Guy”


Midnight – 5AM: Red Eye Radio

5AM – 7AM: Bloomberg Business Week

7AM – 8AM: Sporting Journal Radio

8AM – 9AM: Heroes of the Heartland with Master Sergeant Eric Marts

9AM – 10AM: First Lutheran Church

10AM – 11AM: Olivet Lutheran

11AM – Noon: Good Shepherd


Noon – 3PM: At Home with Gary Sullivan

3PM – 6PM: Clark Howard

6PM – 9PM: Leo Laporte “The Tech Guy”

9PM – 10PM: Our American Stories

10PM – 10:35PM: WDAY News @ 10

10:35PM – Midnight: Our American Stories