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Wintry weather puts a damper on spring sports

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MOORHEAD, Minn. — To athletes, a long winter means cold-weather training, and in the worst cases, no games at home.

On the turf at Moorhead High School, you wouldn't think it's spring.

The track is covered in snow, and the turf is a slushy mess.

At track practice, runners race toward the finish line, trying to avoid the snow.

"It's hard on our lungs, but it's worth it to just get back on the track," says sprinter Annamaria Davies.

Thursday was only the second day most sports have been able to use the turf and track.

Outdoor training is now an overdue luxury between a few days of calmer weather.

"Inside, we're running on cement, and it doesn't really feel like track season like it does when we're out here," says Davies.

Distance runners have been training for weeks already outside, including senior Kate Ludwig.

"I think that we can all persevere, and it's alright," says Ludwig. "I think that it kind of adds a new element that we've never had, keeps things interesting."

The Spuds have already postponed baseball games, track meets, and tennis matches.

Every sport has, in some way, been affected.

"We're finding our way through it," says Activities Director, Dean Haugo. "If it lasts another couple of weeks, it's going to get really, really dicey."

Others across the metro have calendars riddled with cancellations and delays, including the MSUM Dragons, Concordia Cobbers, and NDSU Bison.

Mother Nature has spared no team.

"If we were to get another round of snow, it would get really, really scary in terms of trying to get any sort of a quality season in," says Haugo.

Moorhead says it's really lucky because the snow will basically melt on the turf.

Those with real grass aren't so lucky.

They just have to wait it out.