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Three local school districts look to fill open superintendent positions

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FARGO—After eight years as Superintendent of West Fargo Public School District, Dr. David Flowers is retiring.

Flowers has worked in education for the past 45-years.

His last day is June 30th, pending approval by the school board.

He says it's "simply time" for him to call it a career and there are no other motives to his decision.

Flower's exit will leave openings at three of the five largest school districts in North Dakota and three in the metro.

Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and Grand Forks will all be under new leadership come next school year.

It's a situation officials haven't seen before and one which could create some challenges.

West Fargo Superintendent David Flower's reason for retiring is straightforward.

It's his timing which is peculiar, he'll be done on June 30th next year, three other large districts are looking for new superintendents as well.

"If you're not counting there are Grand Forks, Moorhead, Fargo and Now West Fargo leadership positions open," said Flowers.

More high profile positions than the State School Board Association has seen before; one rep says "we have not seen this large of number of openings in our bigger districts at once."

Some have asked about a possible merging of Fargo and West Fargo.

"People have asked me, should these two districts merge? I've often said 'if they do, it won't be in my lifetime. and if they do. it'll shorten my lifetime," said Flowers.

With four large districts open, the rep also believes it "will create a little bit of competition between districts as they each look for the best candidate."

How much it could affect any of the four searches is tough to say at the moment.

Still, Flowers believes the competition won't hurt his district's search.

"I'm very confident in their ability to find a suitable replacement. It's an attractive position," said ???

It's too early in the process to speculate how West Fargo will handle its search.

Fargo, on the other hand, has created a committee to decide what to do going forward, and Grand Forks has already hired an outside firm to help in its search.