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Sprinkler system stops fire at Fargo's Macy's store

FARGO-- The sprinkler system at West Acres Mall is being credited with putting out a fire that sparked at the Macy's store before it could spread early Sunday morning.

The Fargo Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at Macy's at 2:42 a.m., Sunday, only to discover the sprinkler system had done most of the job.

A fire sparked in a Macy's management office due to an overheated electrical device, firefighters said. The flames spread to nearby office furniture before the sprinkler system extinguished the blaze.

"The sprinkler head is credited with extinguishing the fire and minimizing what most likely would have been significant fire damage to the department store," Battalion Chief Jason Ness wrote in a release. "This incident reinforces the value of sprinkler systems and their ability to contain or extinguish fires prior to firefighters arrival."