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'Miley's Miracle' benefit to help Moorhead girl's RAD treatment

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Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) - A chance this weekend to help a young Moorhead girl and learn more about a complicated disorder that at times "paralyzes" her family.

For the first time ever, "Lend A Hand" is helping support a benefit for someone battling a mental health challenge. They hope this story of Miley inspires us to be more understanding of what the 2nd grader lives with.

"So her room is this way and you see the scars from having a RAD kid as we go up the stairs," said Kim Larson.

Kim Larson has the patience and understanding of a Saint.

"We have gouges taken out of the walls, this outside piece of sheetrock is all that is left," said Larson.

The longtime social worker, and mother of two, shows us the battle scars.

"Almost broken through and split this door in half."

Places around the house where her daughter, Miley, has damaged during outbursts that can last for hours.

Miley has reactive attachment disorder (RAD) which means somewhere along her early life, she suffered abuse, neglect and trauma that prevents her from bonding.

"They are just trying to survive, and when their heart starts to open to loving a parent, their brains tells them, nope, not safe, shut it down," said Larson.

Miley's mom knows all about it. Kim lived in foster care. While Kim was a student at MSUM studying social work, she took in Miley as a foster child. Kim later adopted Miley, knowing about her reactive attachment disorder.

"Her trauma behaviors were severe, shaking the side of the crib so much the sides came off."

Miley is in Colorado receiving the best treatment there is for reactive attachment disorder. She has been there two months. It could be summer before the 7-year-old is back home.

"It is hard to see her hurting but rewarding that at the same time that she is starting to feel emotion and it is not an overnight process and we are going to go through hurt," said Larson.

The hope is, help came early enough.

Despite having reactive attachment disorder, she is such an amazing kid.

Lend A Hand will match funds for the Saturday benefit called "Miley's Miracle."

It's at 5 p.m. at Innovation Lab in Moorhead at 423 Main Avenue.

A chili feed and silent auction will be held to help raise money for Miley's therapy, which is not covered by insurance, and costs $6500 a month.