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World's best softball players beat the heat

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FARGO N.D.—It's was a hot one on Friday, August 8, and it looks like the trend will continue.

Some of us could sniff at triple digits the next few days.

WDAY News went to the Fast Pitch World Series taking place in Fargo, to see how some of the world's best players beat the heat.

"It's a beautiful day for baseball, or softball."

And, not just any kind of softball either it's the best of the best. This is the North American Fastpitch World Series.

"We're having a blast out here in Fargo."

Having a blast even though it's been terribly hot the last few days and according to the WDAY stormtracker meteorologist team, the heat isn't going anywhere.

"I grew up in Houston so for me this is home, like this isn't that bad, but once you start getting into the ninetys you got a lot of older guys here it gets a little tough," said Houston turned Fargo native, Patrick Gaylord.

And, that's exactly right, the elderly and children are affected most by the heat.

"As you notice yourself starting to you know be outside starting to sweat or feel overly warm, get light headed or dizzy it's important to get some fluids in you."

"We drink a lot of beer, I think that's the key to beating the heat," said Softball player from Madison, Wisconsin, Chad Goytowski.

Wrong kind of fluids Chad... Instead of downing a pitcher of beer, you should be drinking water, Gatorade or any kind of electrolyte. Along with watching out for the signs of heat exhaustion, something Jason Eblin with FM ambulance is keeping a close eye on.

The first sign of dehydration is actually just being thirsty, but when you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or light headed you might be in trouble. You should also be keeping an eye on your sweat.

"The difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke is the point where we don't sweat anymore, you know people can die from that," said Eblin.

Like we said before these guys are the best of best. So they won't let another team beat them let alone the heat.