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Colossal pothole wreaks havoc in Moorhead park

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MOORHEAD—A paranoia-inducing pothole will cost a Moorhead man hundreds after he drove through a colossal crater in Woodlawn Park.

It was Friedrich Nietzsche who once said if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you,

But if you pass through the abyss in Woodlawn Park, it may do a little more than gazing.

"I usually try to avoid it just because it's so bad," says Lane Hallock, a Woodlawn frequenter.

This mammoth dip measures in at a half foot deep, and a whopping three feet across, and is quite a surprise to Hallock.

"It kind of takes until someone measures it out until you realize how bad it's gotten and no one's touched it."

Another Woodlawn walker says the caldera-esque chasm is old.

"I've been coming here all my life. It's been there for it seems 15 years," claims Justin Savageau of Moorhead.

It doesn't take a wild imagination to guess what could happen if you hit it.

"I'm thinking you could need some thousand dollar repairs if you hit this thing at decent speed," says Hallock.

That rim-wrecking potential is obvious to Jacob Toft, who drove his car through it by mistake.

"The axle is damaged. I couldn't get the tires to move and it's going to cost 700 dollars, which I have to pay by Monday,"

His ride's oil still stains the lot.

He hopes the city sees it as a wake-up, and does something to fill the void before others fall in.

"Little pothole I understand, but this is a crater."

WDAY News spoke with the public works department. Its director says the hole will be taken care of- and in the meantime a cone is inside of it to warn drivers.

He also urged anyone who notices a pothole to report it over the phone or online immediately, so it can be dealt with before damage is done.

If you see a pothole that needs repairs call: 218-299-5422 to report it.

You can also report them online by clicking here.