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New app helps fight ticks

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METRO—A new app could help you keep wood ticks away.

The new "Tick Tracker" app shows areas nearby that others have spotted ticks.

You can also go on and tell where you've seen a bug.

And if you get one stuck to you, there's even a helpful guide on how to pick them off.

The Minnesota D-N-R reports the most common type of tick in this area is the "Black-legged deer tick."

It sticks to low-growing plants, you'll most likely get one on your ankles or feet.

But outdoor expert, Doug Leier says they're not just in the deep woods, people can get them simply walking around the park.

"Just to think that you live in a metropolitan area that you don't have to worry, you should be aware of ticks no matter where you live," said Leier.

If you do get one, health experts say don't panic.

Last year, there were only 56 known cases of Lyme disease in North Dakota.

In Minnesota, the latest data from 2016 shows about 13-hundred cases throughout the year.

But even then, health expert Brenton Nesemeier say Lyme disease is very treatable, but there are some symptoms you can be on the lookout for.

"It's that classic bulls-eye rash, but you also may have fevers, chills, some joint pains, but typically you'll just see that rash," said Nesemeier.

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