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Results from MN DFL, GOP Conventions

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MINNESOTA—Two candidates for Minnesota governor now endorsed by their parties still face their own tense challenges in the primaries this Fall.

Starting with the Democratic side, the DFL convention saw some drama before the results.

After two ballots state auditor Rebecca Otto took her name out for an endorsement, where it then became a heated battle between Rep. Tim Walz and Erin Murphy.

Many delegates even put down a "no endorsement" vote as a statement against the final selections.

In the end Murphy won the nod; she's still set for a difficult battle against Walz when voters go to the primaries this fall.

"I am ready to win. I am ready to fight. I am ready to lead, are you ready?" said Rep. Erin Murphy, Minnesota Governor Candidate.


On to the Republican side where former Governor Tim Pawlenty didn't even try to get the endorsement.

Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson was the convention favorite, winning easily.

Even though he got the GOP nod this weekend he's still facing a tough battle against Pawlenty.

The former governor is still putting his name in the primaries come August.

"We are going to get outspent by Pawlenty in the primaries, but as long as I have enough to get a simple message out to Minnesota Republicans, we will win this race on August 14th," said Jeff Johnson, Minnesota Governor Candidate.

Johnson was also endorsed to run for governor of Minnesota back in 2014.

Erin Murphy's running mate, Rep. Maye Quade was endorsed Sunday afternoon.