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Boy Scouts remind locals of annual food drive, hoping to hit goal

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FARGO -- 108,000 pounds of food represents 108 years of Boy Scouts in the region, and that's this years goal for the 'Southing for Food' Drive

Over 3,000 scouts will take to the streets all week placing door hangers to remind neighborhoods of the 30th annual food drive.

People can leave food on their doorstep before 9:00 Saturday morning when the scouts will pick up the donations and bring them to a drop-off site.

Units will then load semis with donations to be taken to local pantries and food banks.

The Northern Sky District, which covers six surrounding counties, set a goal of 25,000 pounds of food.

That's 3,000 more than last year.

"I'm really hopeful. The scouts are so excited about it, and the community is really excited as too, I feel that from them," said Stephanie Sculthorp-Skrei.

If a filled bag is not collected or you live in an apartment you can drop off the donations at any Gate City Bank location.