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Richland school board approves third investigation for alleged sexual misconduct between students

COLFAX, N.D.—For the first time since launching an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct between students, The Richland 44 School Board addresses the disturbing accusations.

Richland school district opened an investigation in late-January after parents complained of potential sexual misconduct between students.

A few days later, the Sheriff's Office became involved, launching its own investigation.

In its first meeting since opening the investigations, the board decided to open a third.

A Richland #44 School Board Meeting drew a large crowd Tuesday evening, as School Board member Nathan Berseth proposed to look for an independent investigator, something the board believes is a good idea.

"We need to figure out what really happened, and what went wrong. An independent investigator is what makes sense," said Lisa Amundson, School Board President.

Berseth believes the district needs to open a third investigation, after some claim male students sexually assaulted other male students.

The move was promptly approved, as the board agreed, regardless of the Sheriff's investigation, it feels it needs a new viewpoint.

The board said it hopes to find out what went wrong, by giving an investigator full access to figure it out.

The investigator will be chosen by the district's legal counsel.

Some viewers, who wish to remain anonymous, are glad to see a new perspective.

Several parents at the meeting said they're disappointed in the administration, and some viewers even claim Superintendent Tim Godfrey has a large conflict of interest in the investigation.

He did not have a comment on the claims.

"No comment at this time. Thank you," said Godfrey.

School Board members did not have any comments either.

The School Board did not have an immediate time-frame on when a new investigator will be chosen.

That will be decided at a future meeting.