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Barnesville man cheers on fiancée at 2018 Winter Olympics

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FARGO—If you got up early Thursday morning, you may have seen the 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

One local man not only was up, but was there to support his soon-to-be-wife as she carried the flag, representing the U.S.A.

"For her to lead out, 250 plus Olympians was definitely a surreal moment," said Jonathan Hodge, Erin Hamlin's Fiance.

Barnesville native Jonathan Hodge watched from the stands as his fiancée, Erin Hamlin, carried the U.S. flag in the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.

"Tons of emotions. I was super excited, and the next second I felt like I was going to start crying, it was nuts," said Hodge.

Hodge met his Olympian fiancée in New York when they were just 8-years-old, before moving to Minnesota.

The two kept in touch, rekindling their connection nearly four years ago.

Jonathan said, "We're getting married this summer right at her parents place where we met, I guess, 20 some years ago."

Hamlin is a four-time Olympian, and the first U.S. athlete to medal in singles luge in history.

She now hopes to carry the momentum from the ceremony into her races.

Jonathan said, "She was waving it pretty hard, I could tell she was definitely excited. So she was like, 'yeah, I might need to go to sports med tomorrow, cause I was waving that thing so hard that my wrist started cramping up!'"

Now Jonathan is holding his breath, as Hamlin gears up to compete this Monday.

Hodge is both a gym teacher, and the assistant boys basketball coach in Barnesville.