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MN anglers celebrate 'Take a Kid Ice Fishing' weekend

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EAST GRAND FORKS—While most cringe at sub-zero temperatures, ice-fishermen are rejoicing at their 'perfect conditions' for their hobby.

Experts say lakes across the region have been crowded with anglers looking for a winter catch.

The cold weather has also been good for outdoor stores, who say fishermen are looking to scoop up things for the elements like insulated tents and space-heaters.

Electronic fish-finders, new augers, and light-up bobbers are also hot sellers this year.

Adding to the sales is the fact that its 'Take a kid Ice Fishing' weekend in Minnesota.

"Definitely an increase in ice-anglers. It's definitely a growing sport," said Brad Olson, East Grand Forks Cabela's Manager.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has been hosting weekends like this for almost a dozen years now in hopes of getting the next generation of anglers hooked on ice fishing.