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Fargo shooting has neighbors feeling uneasy

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FARGO—Neighbors say they aren't surprised after a shooting in North Fargo left two people hurt.

One man has a gunshot wound and a woman suffered a head injury.

Police haven't yet made any arrests.

Police began investigating late Thursday night around 11:00 when a man with a gunshot wound flagged down police.

It happened right off 10th Street North, a couple blocks from the the Family Fare near the apartment building where it happened.

As this scene unfolded, neighbors, like Donte Gaynor, looked on.

"I seen a little blood dripping from his face and chest," said Gaynor.

On Friday, Donte and others are walking back into this apartment complex, uneasy.

"Yeah, I'm definitely nervous to go back there," said Brandon Booth, whose girlfriend lives in the building.

Booth says he first heard about the shooting last night from his girlfriend.

"I came right away. And I circled the block a couple of times. Honestly, it made my heart drop because my girl is up there. And it made me realize that the violence has to stop period," said Booth.

Booth says he is friends with the victims of the shooting, his girlfriend's basement neighbors in Unit five.

On Friday, he's heard his friends are doing okay, but believes this wasn't some type of random act.

"He's a cool dude, but a lot of people chose to be enemies with people. And I feel like was targeted," said Booth.

Police haven't confirmed if what happened there is random, but say a masked man knocked on the door, and when the people inside opened, he rushed his way into the apartment.

That's when the assault happened, leaving two hurt and others on edge.

Police aren't calling this a robbery or even a break-in.

They say they have to investigate more before releasing any other information.