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League of Women Voters join fight to end drug addiction

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FARGO—The League of Women Voters is joining the fight to end addiction with the "Mayors' Blue Ribbon Commission."

Friday afternoon, the League of Women Voters listened to speakers from Sanford and The Village talk about opioid addiction.

It's the focus of the Blue Ribbon Commission launched by the Mayors from Fargo, West Fargo, Horace, Moorhead and Dilworth in September.

Now, the commission is raising awareness by providing panels of experts to local organizations.

Members said, getting the word out is an important step towards change.

"It's an equal opportunity disease, and until we make it safe to talk about addiction it's going to be hard to get people treated for addiction," said Jennifer Reid, Mental Health Counselor.

The Blue Ribbon Commission will partner with Level Up Community next to provide drug education to local children.