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Year in Review: Part 2 of 4

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A YouTube stunt goes horribly wrong and an argument in a parking lot goes viral.

We are looking back on the stories that rocked our communities this year.

Here is the second part of our four-part series:

A disagreement inside a downtown Fargo bar moved outside and turned deadly in May.

Darren Patterson was charged with manslaughter after a fight outside the HoDo that left two people unconscious.

One of the men, Jamie Grant of Fargo, died days later.

Court proceedings have been delayed several times.

New dates for his trial are expected to be set next month.

It was described as a Youtube stunt gone wrong.

In June,19-year-old Monalisa Perez fatally shot her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III in Norman County.

Perez says the plan was for him to hold up a book, and for her to shoot at him with a .50 caliber handgun.

She says he had tested it earlier and showed her that the book had stopped the bullet.

On Twitter, Perez hinted at a "dangerous" video the two were about to make.

The couple had a three-year-old daughter and Perez was pregnant with another child at the time.

She has since pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

After years of planning and building, Sanford Medical Center Fargo opened its doors to patients in July.

The one-million square foot building cost nearly half a billion dollars to complete β€” by far, the most expensive building in the metro.

Construction started back in 2012.

Sanford celebrated the opening with a private concert for employees, featuring Fergie and Lionel Richie.

In July, a Snapchat video caused outrage online.

It captured a Mapleton woman threatening three Muslim women in the Fargo Walmart parking lot.

"We're gonna kill all of ya. We're gonna kill every one of you (expletive) Muslims."

The backlash cost Amber Hensley her job.

Days later, Fargo police chief David Todd set up a meeting between the women involved.

They say they were able to put aside any ill will and come to an understanding.

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