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Local musical sheds light on topics of immigration, diversity

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FARGO/MOORHEAD—Local, young artists are producing a musical show with a political punch behind it.

The theatre troupe "Act Up" is putting on an "activism show."

It's a marriage of music and storytelling performers hope will shed light on a huge and sometimes divisive issue in our community: Immigration.

It's been said music is a universal language, you need no translation to appreciate the twang of guitar, the beauty of fresh tickled ivories.

This is the idea behind "Cabaret for a Cause" that music can bring together those who are different.

"We have young artists using their time and talent to provide a voice," said Rebecca Meyer-Larson, Act Up Director.

Dozens of artists will hit Fargo Moorhead Community theatre's stage with songs of acceptance and home.

Half of the performance's proceeds will go to Lutheran Social Services' new Americans refugee resettlement efforts.

Though singers will deliver a pitch-perfect message, it's the unpolished, the real voices of new Americans the show is about.

"Immigrants want to say something, but they don't have a voice to be heard," said Muhend Abaker, Speaker.

An audience will hear stories of leaving a home, often tragically and finding a new one where some feel unwanted.

"It's easy to fear things we don't understand. I think by hearing these stories we become more compassionate," said Meyer-Larson. 

Stories like those of Muhend Abakar whose family needed to leave an unsafe Sudan, or Aline Uwase who was forced to flee war in Congo.

"I was raised by a single mom, my father was killed. I don't want pity, I want them to learn from my story," said Aline Uwase, Speaker. 

Uwase hopes by sharing her story of moving to the U.S. she can humanize Fargo's immigration issue.

"All they see is bad things. We're not here to be violent. We're here looking for peace and for love. We're looking for love."

Cabaret for a Cause music is sure to please, but it's message of acceptance and community performers hope will stick.

If you're interested in seeing the performance, there are still tickets available for Saturday night's show.

To visit the online box office, click here.