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Vikings game touchdown celebration sparks nationwide controversy

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FARGO—The Minnesota Vikings sparked a passionate debate on social media, with a touchdown celebration on Monday Night Football.

The Viking team celebration was a big hit until it came to naming this game.

People calling it 'Duck, Duck, Goose' on social media met a resounding rebuttal from the 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck' contingent.

It got ugly, it caused confusion, the man who threw the touchdown even asked for clarification after the game.

The whole debacle introduced a longheld regional debate to a national audience, but this topic has been covered before.

Buzzfeed, the Star Tribune, they've all tried to dissect it.

Some say it has its roots in a Swedish game, translated from the words gray duck.

This blogger even put together a comprehensive map, showing the pettiness of it all.

He contends it boils down to Minnesotans in the gray duck camp versus everyone else in the goose camp.

We went to Minnesota State University Moorhead thinking higher education may be able to settle the debate,

But I couldn't get a consensus from the elementary ed major from Fargo: "I call it duck, duck, goose," said Skyler, Elementary Ed Major.

Or the pastor from Minnesota: "I think most commonly it would be duck, duck, gray duck," said Jon Olson, MSUM Lutheran Campus Ministry.

It was time to bring in the REAL experts.

So we ment with the 4 and 5 year old "Kitten" group from the Trinity Lutheran Preschool in Moorhead.

Minnesota, Lutherans, school age. They had to know, right?

Or, at least the person who has been leading the center for the last 30 years.

"I play duck, duck, gray duck," said Kay Heidrich, Preschool Director of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Heidrich says while both games are fun the "gray duck" game offers a learning component for young children.

"We've used colors as kind of a learning game. So, red duck, orange duck, purple duck, gray duck. Then run like crazy," said Heidrich.

But, the kids, they kept saying, goose.

Heidrich says all that really matters is how universal it is to play, and when you see this reaction from kids, it's a hard point to argue.

We want to know what you think.

Get on our Facebook page and let us which game you play and why.

Perhaps we can solve this together.

Drew Trafton

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