Modern, hand-written bible on display at Hjemkomst Center


MOORHEAD—The Hjemkomst Center opened its doors to the largest art exhibition in museum history on Sunday.

We took an inside look into the Saint John's Bible and why it's made its way to the Red River Valley.

The Bible is the best selling book of all time, but this bible is the only one of its kind in over 500 years.

Moorhead is now 1 of 25 institutions worldwide to host the exhibit.

The executive director, Maureen Jonason, said it took meetings every two weeks for over three years to pull it off.

Exhibit visitor Michael Lochow said, "In a way, it's put apparently Fargo Moorhead area, in the art world, on the map."

Anne Kaese, the exhibit project leader, is a calligrapher herself and has been following the Saint John's Bible for nearly 20 years.

She says the artwork holds something for everyone.

"People of all faiths, all tribes, all nationalities are going to find themselves represented and exulted in the pages we have here," said Kaese.

Each page is handwritten and illuminated, taking the artists roughly 13 hours for each folio.

People who've seen this, even multiple times, say the emotions it brings can be overwhelming.

Susie Risher, an exhibit visitor, said, "I was so surprised at how, how the images just touch me all the way through to my heart, and that was a surprise to me."

The 140-year-old ink paired with quills from birds, collided with 21st century ideas to bring this modern bible to life.

This bible reflects an ancient tradition in the modern age.

The Saint John's Bible will be on display at the Hjemkomst Center 56 hours a week from now until Dec. 31.