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Annual 'Historic Hawthorne Home Tour' begins Sunday

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FARGO—This coming Sunday, you have a chance to get a "once in a lifetime" peak inside some of Fargo's most historic homes.

The annual "Historic Hawthorne Home Tour" is a chance to see homes that were the houses of Fargo's first and most influential families, back in the day.

On Wednesday, WDAY highlighted Fargo's oldest, best preserved houses: The 1881 Roberts-Haggart house on South 8th street.

To drive by this home in south Fargo, you would marvel at how it got there.

It wasn't easy.

After the Great Fargo Fire of 1893 swept through and destroyed downtown Fargo, the Roberts-Haggart home survived.

However, the family in 1920 decided to move the monster from Roberts street, near the post office downtown, out into the country on south 8th street.

This job was not done with the power of cranes, but instead horses.

The detailed woodwork in the house forced them to cut the home in half and move it on two horse drawn carts.

Leo Wilking and his wife Martha LeClerc have become the second family to own and become caretakers of this unique piece of Fargo history.

It has Italianate style architecture with high windows and ornate brackets.

It is a post civil war house and was one of Fargo's first homes ever built.

"We appreciate the historic nature of the house and felt it needed to be preserved in its original state," said Wilking.

Inside, the Wilkings have kept and preserved the history and architecture of the home and its 13 rooms.

The house has high, ornate ceilings, an Italian marble fireplace and yes, even the bell used to call the servants.

All an effort to keep what was then, so people now can learn now about our city's past.

"Certainly this is a historic district and that resonates with us," said Wilking.

The Historic Hawthorne Home Tour will be noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

Six houses are part of the tour.

Tickets are available at Mint & Basil and Nicholes.

To buy them online, click on the link below: