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Fired Fargo police officer will not regain job

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FARGO—A fired Fargo Police officer will not be getting his job back.

That decision came after his appeal to Fargo's Civil Service Commission.

Former officer David Boelke was fired by the department last month the department says he was fired for dishonesty, and attitude and performance problems.

Now a decision by the commission may have effectively axed any hopes of a future in law enforcement for Boelke.

The Fargo Civil Service Commission had two questions to answer:

First: should former officer David Boelke remain fired?

"I listened to an officer who didn't care to do his job. He didn't like his job," said Paul Grindeland, Civil Service Commission.

That question was answered quickly with 5 yes's.

Second: Was Boelke dishonest while working for the department?

"Our findings will state the claim of dishonesty is not supported by sufficient, competent evidence," said Jane Pettinger, Civil Service Commission.

The second question proved more difficult.

"The sides of the evidence, they nullify each other on the honesty issue," said Grindeland.

"I'm not ready to vote on that myself, so we need further discussion," said Pettinger.

The commission debated, until a vote was finally called.

The commission decided by a vote of one yes, three no's, and one abstainer, to not throw out claims of dishonesty.

Boelke has stated the claims would effectively prevent him from ever finding another job.

His attorney says the decision is disappointing.

"It appears everyone agrees it's a 50/50 issue on whether there was dishonesty. In my view, a 15 year veteran police officer with a proven track record should get the benefit of the doubt," said Mark Friese, Boelke's attorney.

From here, Boelke has a few options.

Depending on the commission's findings, another appeal may be in order and his lawyers says legal action is also possible.