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Police warn locals after string of vandalism

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FARGO — Police issued a warning Monday night after a rash of car vandalism on the city's south side over the weekend.

More than three dozen reports of broken windows, thefts and tire damage were reported in the neighborhoods of 44th Avenue and 50th Street South.

So, imagine being a homeowner up and down 53rd Street South in Fargo, only to come out and find your work truck or car with flat tires.

Off camera we talked to homeowners who were angry and feeling a little violated after the crime spree — the two men who traveled through neighborhoods, randomly stabbing tires and breaking into cars.

"We are up to 36 victims in this event and it is a spree and it will be thousands of dollars," said Fargo Police Sgt. Mark Lykken.

There is some surveillance video authorities are looking at, but police know eyewitness accounts are the most beneficial.

"Best way to solve these crimes is to call us right way when you see something, not the next morning. That is what we are out here for," said Lykken.

Police are also looking into the theft of a car left running in the driveway of a homeowner, who was emptying the car of wedding gifts of a grandchild.

That was in the Edgewood Vista area of south Fargo.