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Bars cash in on Leprechaun Loop

WDAZ-TV -- (GRAND FORKS) -- It's Tashin Berberich's first year on the leprechaun loop but she's already got a taste for the green beer.

"Yes, I'm very worried,” Tashin Berberich said.

She's one of hundreds of people expected to go out for a good time at bars across Grand Forks.

"Win or lose we booze,” Mitchell Shmiganowsky, said. “I haven't been in town for St. Patty's Day for a while so I figured I'd do it all up.”

Mitchell Shmiganowsky painted himself green in the spirit of both the holiday weekend and the University of North Dakota.

"Excuse to drink I guess. Let's be honest," Shmiganowsky said.

But it's not just the drinks that are attracting the party people. At Muddy Rivers they served up Irish stew, and at Brick and Barley, Shmiganowsky is drinking breakfast.

"I'm sticking mostly to the breakfast shots and the car bombs,” Shmiganowsky said.

Each bar as their own variation but at O'Really's they've got a special formula for the concoction.

"Jameson mixed with butterscotch. We got orange juice as a chaser with a little bacon and french toast to make it more of a deluxe breakfast shot we got going on here," Grant Birmingham, bartender at O'Really's Irish Pub, said.

It's a recipe for a good time the bars count on cashing in on each year, bringing in thousands of dollars in just one day.

"Six months before the St. Patty's Day we do a practice run, so it's one of our biggest highlights of the year. Especially being the only Irish bar in town," Ruben Oliver, manager at O'Really's Irish Pub said.

But for many people it's a way to hang out with old friends and make some new ones.

"Fun day together,” Shmiganowsky added. “People I don't drink with all the time you know. Normal crowds that don't go out will go out for it.”

"Yeah I think it's mostly socializing,” Berberich said. “I'm sure I'll meet tons of new people."

At O'Really's Irish Pub the celebration continues until 2 am.