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Beer and Bacon Festival in Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) -- If you love bacon and beer, we've got the recipe for a good time.

The beer and bacon festival is back at the Alerus Center tonight.

People are lining up in Grand Forks for a chance to nibble on bacon bites and wash them down with some beer.

Craft brewing companies like Rhombus Guys and Drekker Brewing companies are giving out samples of their best barley and hopps to festival goers.

About a dozen local restaurants like Up North Pizza Pub are handing out culinary mash ups like mac and cheese with bacon.

“I like bacon a lot. Too much. As you can see,” said Karen Boucher, a bacon fan.

“Get to sample everything and find out what kind of beers a person likes,” said Heather Schacher, a beer fan.