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Rare exhibit teaches kids about science

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GRAND FORKS – (WDAZ-TV) -- Kids in Grand Forks are getting an extremely rare learning opportunity about earth science.

Families flocked to the Grand Forks Public Library today for the kick-off of the Discover Earth exhibit.

The library is only one of 9 in the country to be able to host this.

It's designed by the Space Science institute to teach kids about key concepts of earth science, and how life adapts to different environments, through the touch of their fingertips.

Some kids tell us they loved playing with the interactive green screen and camera, while others liked touching the different animal pelts.

"I think they're really cool,” said Will Sickler, a junior explorer. “I like the bison fur. It's rough but i like it. It's cool."

The exhibit is open from now until June.