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Beyond the Game: Manya flees Africa to find home in Fargo

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FARGO - Francese Manya is just a sophomore at Fargo South High School, but has already lived through some horrific events.

When he was a young child Manya had to flee the Congo due to violence.

He was reunited with family members at a refugee camp in Namibia, but was told that his parents were killed in the violence.

Manya and the rest of his family moved to Fargo to start a new life.

The transition to America was rough for Manya for a while, but then he joined the South boys soccer team.

The Bruins are headed to the state tournament this week, but the biggest thrill for Manya came earlier this year when the family discovered his parents were still alive in a refugee camp in Zambia.

Francese's family is hopeful they can bring his parents to Fargo within the next year.