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2014 Fall Football Camp Tour: Barnesville Trojans

Barnesville, MN (WDAY TV) - There are few programs in the state of Minnesota that can match the recent success that Barnesville has had, just five losses in the last five years, but it's those losses that haunt this team as a new year begins.

Bryan Strand brings back 12 starters in 2014 and for the first time in five years plays rival Hawley during the regular season.

The Barnesville football team is used to winning games. The Trojans have won their last 42 regular season contests dating back to 2008.

While they have goals of keeping that streak alive, they say it will be more challenging as they join

the Heart O'Lakes Conference.

Bryan Strand: It's a lot tougher schedule for sure.  The team has the same expectations, I think we have been doing this for a long enough time where it's expected that they go out there and they perform and people expect them to win and play hard.

Nick Randklev: The HOL definitely has more competition than our previous conferences, so we will be playing full games instead of just playing a half, three quarters of a game, I think that will help us out in the long run.

Ben Randklev:  I would have loved to be in this conference last year cause I think playing the harder teams you get to play full games, so you get that experience of what it's going to be like in the third and fourth quarter when you have to grind the game out.  You are not coming off the field and I think when it comes down to playoff time that will help us a ton.

Barnseville loses about 80 percent of their offensive production from last season, but the Trojans say they are confident they can fill much of that void with new starting quarterback Ethan Ishaug.

Strand: Ethan Ishaug is our quarterback, our leader, he has the best arm I've seen in the years I've coached football, he's smart and a great runner.

Ethan Ishaug:  It's a great experience to be the QB at Barnseville, I got great guys around me who are making plays for me every day.  We are just getting better.  I just think the teams will be a little bit more uneasy because we will be able to pass a lot more now and we will run the ball with the same success.

B. Randklev: He's just got a great football mind, he understands the game, he knows what to do in situations and he knows what other guys have to do which is really important and he's very good at passing and if he needs to tuck the ball he has no problem doing that.

Eric: The Trojans are hoping that balance can once again get them to the section title game.

The Trojans open with East Grand Forks next week, we stop in Fergus Falls and Casselton tomorrow....