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2014 Football Fall Camp Tour: Breckenridge Cowboys

Breckenridge, MN (WDAY TV) - Hawley may get most of the headlines in the Heart O' Lakes, but they didn't win the conference last year. Our WDAY Fall camp tour takes us to Breckenridge tonight, where the Cowboys knocked the Nuggets from their perch...

Breck finished 7-3 a year ago, but they return just 2 starters on offense and 3 on defense.

Breckenridge kicks off the season against rival Wahpeton, and leadership will be the key for this small group of Cowboys.

Practices are a little quieter these days at Breckenridge high school.

The Cowboys varsity squad had over 40 players a year ago and this season they're down to just 31.

But they're using that number as motivation.

TK: We're a small team. We're the few and proud. We don't have that much players, so we have to try harder. 

CF: We've got a lot better quality than we do quantity. We're looking for some good things out of these guys. We're a pretty young team. We only returning

a couple of seniors on both sides of the ball.

The on-field leader for the Cowboys is back. Nathan Blaufuss returns as the starting middle linebacker and starting quarterback. An odd combo,  but one that fits

this 6'2" 210 pound senior. Oh and by the way, don't call him Nathan.  

NB: Everyone calls me George. I've always been called that since I've been little. My parents said they were going to name me George. But, then they named me Nathan and then George came back around and it has stuck with me since.

NL: He's a leader all the way around. He's going to get us ready to go and he's going to make sure we're doing our jobs.

As for the style that George brings under center?

NB: I like to huck and chuck it a little bit. But, I like to lower the shoulder too every now and then.

CF: George steps up and he has that middle linebacker mentality both offensively and defensively. So, he's going to stick his nose in there.

You're in for a tussle when you're facing up against him.

If George has his way, the Cowboys will huck and chuck their way to a 2nd straight Heart O'Lakes conference title.