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2014 Football Fall Camp Tour: Hawley Nuggets

Hawley, MN (WDAY TV) - Our fall camp tour continues tonight with the Hawley Nuggets, high expectations for Peder Naatz's squad, off a state semifinal trip, bound and determined to go one round further.

The last memory of 2013 for the Nugget football team, is walking off the Metrodome turf with disappointment.

It's that loss to Chatfield that has pushed Hawley all summer.

Dillon Omberg: “Chatfield was really big so we tried getting a lot bigger this summer so we can match up against them if we see them again, but we always kept thinking them in the back of our minds but trying to get a step past them this year.”

Aaron Regnier: “Everything we think about is Chatfield and about the teams we played at state,.  I think our success will be based on how much work  we put in and the effort we put in to every game.”

Peder Naatz: “We are much heavier, we are much stronger than we were a year ago and they want to be able to compete with the southern half of the state and I think they have done what they needed to do.”

The Nuggets have made the state playoffs the last two seasons and with 19 returning starters they expect to make it a third.  But they say they know the importance of taking it game by game.

Regnier: “Learned a lot over the years and learned a lot on how to take it day by day and week by week so that really helps as we move forward we really think about that, day by day getting better and better.”

Nantz: “If we can get better every single week for 14 weeks we will be in that game at the end of the year and then the chips will just fall where they may and the outcome of that game will decide if we made it or not.”

1996 was the last time the Nuggets played in the title game.