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Class A wins boys Lions All-Star Challenge 123-91

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The top seniors in North Dakota took to the floor tonight for the last time as the Lions All-Star challenge wrapped up in Fargo.

The boys played a wide open game last night, combining for over 200 points.

Defense was optional again at the Fargo Civic Center, Class A going for the sweep.

This was another up and down game, off the miss Andrew Kozlowski with the baseball pass down court to South's Colton Lloyd for the lay-in, Class A up by five.

The small schools respond, Hunter Braaten, who will play football this fall for Steve Laqua and the Dragons goes coast to coast for the lay-in and one, game was tied up.

But the big schools were too much, Davies Tanner Kretchman was terrific again knocks down the long two.

Class A scores 123 and win 123-91.