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Beyond the Game: Drew Thompson

Hawley Utility Player2 / 2

Hawley, MN (WDAY-TV) - The Hawley baseball team ends a five year state tournament drought tomorrow and a big reason on its return is thanks to a player who literally plays all over the diamond.

Drew Thompson/Nuggets Freshman Utility Player: I want my opportunities so I feel like for the best opportunity you gotta put the extra work in and I feel like it will pay off in the end for sure.

Drew Thompson is just a freshman, but you wouldn't know it listening to his coach.

Beau Lofgren/Nuggets Head Coach: Drew would be a guy that I pay money to watch, because of the way he carries himself, there is a certain kind of swagger about him, he doesn't play with a chip on his shoulder or anything like that but he has a little extra zip in his step.

As an 8th grader Thompson started every game at third base, but this year he has morphed into Mr. Utility, playing 6 different positions.  A luxury his teammates and coach don't take for granted.

Jordan Harms/Nuggets Senior Outfielder/Pitcher: He just tries his hardest and he is always working hard in practice.  He's in the middle of the line up doing good and he fields his position well.

Lofgren: Drew has certainly filled some big shoes for us to be that guy and like I said before he has done it with class and he has fun, when you see him your gonna see a mouth full of teeth cause he's just smiling all the time.

Thompson: I'm just gonna do what it takes for the team to have the best lineup on the field so if that means me playing first or second, I'm just gonna do it and do it the best that I can. I have always played infield, like most of my younger years, outfield this year has been really fun I really like playing outfield.

Thompson will be doing his best to help the Nuggets get outs in 3 more games this weekend.