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Making an impact: Tanguay to debut at Iowa State

(WDAY TV) - Carson Wentz isn't the only Bison player to make his first start at Iowa State, that's also the case for Nate Tanguay....the redshirt freshman defensive tackle has been pegged by his coaches as one of the new forces up front, and says he learned the ropes last year going up against a couple All-Americans on NDSU's offensive line....

Nate Tanguay- NDSU Redshirt Freshman Def. Tackle: “They toughened me up that was the one thing, I have to play as strong as I can each rep they would throw me on the ground and just torture me some times but they showed me how I needed to play the next four me it's not pressure, it's a challenge, I want to be able to be that guy, want to be relied upon, those seniors did so much for the program, it's me giving back to them and making some plays.”