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NDSU begins first season under new head coach Chris Klieman Monday

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - NDSU season tickets sold out on Friday, and the football team reported to campus today.

Which means practice starts tomorrow for new head Coach Chris Klieman. Klieman inherits a team that lost 24 seniors from a year ago, but he says they return plenty of talent. So fall camp will focus on practicing smarter to help stay healthy and build depth.

Chris Klieman/First Year NDSU Head Coach: “This year we have to be smart physically with the guys we know can play, you know Colton Heagle doesn't need a 1,000 reps to get himself ready but maybe the kid that is going to play opposite of him in nickel, that kid needs does, maybe Tre Dempsey does need more reps.  So it's a fine line between not over preparing and getting some kid where he doesn't have his legs come that first game, but there are some kids that need more and more reps that just didn't get them in the spring.”