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NDSU Women's 4x400 Relay Team's Historic Season

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Antoinette Goodman, Ashley Tingelstad, Paige Stratiotti and Morgan Milbrath are four of the fastest runners in college track.

But when you put them together like NDSU head coach Ryun Godfrey did a few months ago, you get something else, a dominant and record setting relay team.

Paige Stratiotti/NDSU Jr. (First Leg): The first time was at Minnesota we were in the 2nd heat, which is the slower heat, our 4x4 ended up doing really well, first time we ran together and could see be a really good team potentially.”

The potential has been realized this spring for this 4 by 4 team. Goodman, Tingelstad and Stratiotti all say the reason this team has been special has been the addition of one of North Dakota's very best, freshman Morgan Milbrath.

Morgan Milbrath/NDSU Freshman Lead leg: “They were very welcoming, it was scary at first don't want to let them down, they've had success for so many years, you want to step into that role and fill it really well.”

Tingelstad/anchor leg on Milbrath: “She's done a great job, she's the missing piece we've been looking for this 4x4.”

With the pieces together, the records fell, the school mark was broken three times in 21 days, capped off by another record time at the prestigious Drake Relays; the success hasn't affected the four who admit they have different quirks to their success.

Antoinette Goodman/NDSU Sr. (Third Leg): “We're all weird, Morgan is the worst and Ashley everything has to be perfect with her jersey.”

Tingelstad: “I have to wear the same white one and same black one, I don’t know why.

Milbrath: “Before Notre Dame we were sitting down watching meet go by, next thing I know (she was out, biggest meet of our career and she was sleeping for 2 hours).”

What do you think the lasting legacy of this 4x 400 team is?

Milbrath: “Within a team this is a standard now this is something to reach for, those girls were fast, we need to keep going, keep striving.”

Stratotti: “We've done everything we possibly could have done since August to get till where we were are now and I have no doubt in my mind that this weekend is going to go really well.”

The 4 by 400 prelims begin on Thursday in Oregon, Godfrey says his goal is to see the team advance to the final.

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