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Newly created Fargo Youth Baseball gets a training facility

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FARGO -- Young baseball players in the metro are getting a fresh start for the 2018 season.

Little league, Babe Ruth and Fargo Parks are going under one umbrella, called "Fargo Youth Baseball."

A combination of resources and facilities for players aged 5-15.

A new building for the league to practice in is the All-Terrain Training Indoor Center, or "ATTIC."

The building will have batting cages, an indoor field and an upstairs seating area for parents.

Players can train here when it's too cold to go outside.

"So much more room to do different drills, hitting stations, and now we actually have two facilities that we can run and kids can train year-round," said Alex Sumner, Fargo Youth Baseball Director.

The facility will likely open sometime in the first week of January.

Players and parents can register HERE.