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Dozier to have brother throw to him during home-run derby on Monday night

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Minneapolis, MN (WDAY TV) - We're under a week away from baseball's best heading to the Twin Cities and the home town team will be represented in each of the three marquee events.

That includes the home run derby, Brian Dozier found out before yesterday's game that he's in the field.

Dozier has cracked 16 home runs so far this year to lead the Twins, he's been a machine over the past year, going back to June 1st, 2013 he has hit 32 home runs, Yasiel Puig, Troy Tulowitzki and Yoenis Cespedes have 31 and he'll have a familiar face throwing to him on Monday.

Brian Dozier/Selected to HR Derby: “It's gonna be funny, it really is. I told him a few days ago, about a week ago that I could be one of the finalists whatever to do it. I've talked to him every day since and he's been throwing in the yard against a screen to loosen up his arm again. He played college ball and stuff so he's well aware to how to throw and that kind of thing. I'm just hoping that he calms the nerves a little bit.”

Dozier is the 6th Twins to be a part of the derby, the first since Justin Morneau won it in 2008.