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LIVE STREAM: North Dakota State Hockey

Fargo, ND (WDAY/WDAZ TV) - WDAY/ WDAZ is your exclusive home for LIVE HD sports coverage of the North Dakota High School Hockey Championship starting Thursday, February 20th at 12 PM.

The boys quarter finals will be broadcast on channel 6.3 in Fargo, 8.3 in Grand Forks, 12.3 and 17.3 in Bismarck, channel 14.3 and 13.3 in Minot, channel 11.3 in Williston and channel 2.3 in Dickinson or contact your local cable provider for more channel information.

The boys semi-finals will be broadcast Friday at 6:30PM on WDAY 6.1, WDAZ 8.1, KBMY 17.1 and KMCY 14.1.

Saturday’s championship games start with the girls taking the ice at 5:00pm followed by the boys game at 7:30pm, also broadcast on North Dakota’s ABC affiliates 6.1, 8.1, 17.1 and 14.1.

Cable channel placement for 6.3 & 8.3:
  • Midcontinent channel 596
  • Barnsville Cable channel 208
  • Cable One channel 73 & 40.73
  • Daktel channel 106
  • Halstad Telephone channel 7
  • MLGC channel 110
For additional channel listings contact your cable and satellite providers.