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Port: Sen. Heitkamp is awfully quiet about gun control right now

After the horrific events in Las Vegas gun control is, once again, a topic of national debate.

Which is fine by me, as I’ve said on my radio show and elsewhere this week. The people proposing gun control have good intentions. They genuinely feel these policies will make us safer.

They’re just wrong is all.

Anyway, the Democrats are leading the charge on the gun control push in Congress, but largely silent on the issue is North Dakota’s junior Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

Heitkamp’s office didn’t even send out a press release regarding the Las Vegas shooting. Or, if they did, they didn’t post it on the Senator’s official website. Heitkamp’s only acknowledgement of the incident seems to be rote “thoughts and prayers” type stuff:

Contrast that with Heitkamp’s actions in 2016, after the nightclub shooting in Orlando perpetrated by Omar Mateen. In the days after that murderous rampage Heitkamp was outspoken in favor of gun control legislation, backing and even lobbying for policy which would have denied Americans their gun rights if the government placed them on a restricted list.

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