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Savanna Greywind's parents open up about not guilty verdict during march

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FARGO — Anger. That's the emotion that fills the parents of Savanna Greywind two weeks after a jury found Willam Hoehn not guilty of conspiring to murder their daughter.

He did plead guilty to other charges in the case.

They spoke out for the first time since that verdict as they marched to remember and honor Savanna and women like her.

"We're mad at the jurors, we're mad at the police, we're all mad," said Joe Greywind, Savanna's dad. "This ain't right. This is all common sense right here, it's common sense what these guys did."

The Greywinds were part of the March for Justice through downtown Fargo on Thursday, Oct. 11.

It was a way to bring awareness to a cause close to the Greywind's hearts, finding missing indigenous people, and getting justice for those who've been murdered.

Brooke Crews is serving a life sentence for murdering Savanna and stealing her baby from her womb.

William Hoehn is still waiting to learn how long he'll be in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and lying to police.