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Spring flooding not affected by fall snow and rain

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FARGO - Back in the fall of 2008, the area saw 10.6 inches of precipitation.

Mixed with a heavy snowfall throughout the winter, the moisture brought monumental flooding to the valley.

Right now, Fargo has 3.9 inches of precipitation, but spring flooding is still on the minds of many.

"We were pretty dry for a good portion of the summer and the fall. Only the last couple of weeks have been wetter so that's kind of on everyone's minds right now," National Weather Service Hydrologist Amanda Lee said. 

Both the National Weather Service and WDAY Stormtracker Meteorologists say this early precipitation isn't unusual, but how much snow we're already seeing is.

"Accumulating snowfall this time of year isn't really out of the ordinary. An inch here or there, but anything more than two or three inches this time of year is a bit more rare," Lee said.

That extra precipitation doesn't guarantee flooding later.

"Things like conditions now, hows the ground is now, how has the moisture been throughout the summer is important, but they play a much smaller role than precipitation as we get closer to melting time," Lee said.

Because moisture over the past month hasn't been exceptional, she says the outlook going into winter is a good one.

"Obviously we're not anywhere near frozen in the ground, so we'll still be soaking in this right now. and if we continue to get storms like this in the next few weeks, we could freeze with a lot of moisture in the soil," Lee said.

While these fall storms bring sloppy roads and soggy shoes, it won't necessarily bring a flood in a few months time.

Lee says there's still a chance for an El Nino winter with milder temps and less snowfall.