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Rep. Keith Ellison hears concerns about voter participation

MOORHEAD—November elections are around the corner and Congressman Keith Ellison is hoping to have a high voter turnout.

Ellison held a roundtable discussion at Minnesota State University Moorhead on Tuesday, Oct. 9, as part of his campaign for Minnesota Attorney General.

He said that by having a high turnout, it holds the government accountable.

Students, as well as people with disabilities, expressed their concerns about polling locations and reasons why people don't show up at the polls.

Ellison said that it's everyone's right to vote and that many people don't vote because they don't know their rights or other options.

"A lot of folks don't know for example, that if you have a disability that you have the right to have assistance. That the machines have been reconfigured to accommodate you," Ellison said.

"And they just don't know. They think well these things aren't going to be there for me."

Will Hagen, the President of College Democrats at MSUM, said that by making voting more accessible and quick, it will increase student participation.

"We need to make sure that it's convenient and timely so that they can make their vote and they can get out so they can go do whatever they have to do for the rest of the day," Hagen said.

The general election will be on Nov. 6.