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Protesters vs. supporters spark scuffle outside Pres.Trump rally

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WEST FARGO—A group of protesters tried to make their voices heard, chanting along the streets and rallying in the 'Anti-Trump Uprising' near the Scheels Arena where President Trump held a rally.

Many protesters that WDAY spoke to say their main issues with the president have to with character flaws, things like dishonesty.

Others say their main problem is with his policy.

Around 300 protesters came out today with the 'Anti-Trump Uprising' and everything remained peaceful except for a small scuffle when the two sides, the supporters, and the protesters, met for a brief moment.

The protesters met blocks away quietly, but as they started marching they moved closer to the Trump supporters, with every step their chats grew louder.

"We're here against Trump and his hate, we don't want it spreading throughout our state," said Zohji Lacroix, a protestor.

Protesters coming out for issues like immigration, border patrol, and tariffs.

"I thought I would use my white, heterosexual male body to amplify the voices of those are marginalized," said Curtis Sullivan.

Along their march route from Cashwise to Scheels Arena, demonstrators met other straggler protesters along the way.

Dean Christianson stood outside for hours as supporters lined up to go into Scheels Arena.

"I am outnumbered here, but it wasn't going to stop me from coming," said Christianson.

Everything stayed peaceful, despite high tensions when supporters egged on protesters after the President's arrival.

Police say no protesters were arrested throughout the course of the day, however, a protester did make it inside the speech and that woman was thrown out.