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A tour of Clay County's new law enforcement center

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MOORHEAD—Police and Deputies in Clay County is getting a major upgrade, a brand new Law Enforcement Center.

Law enforcement is confident the new center will make their jobs easier.

"I can't even put it into words. It's night and day," said Julie Savat, Clay County's Jail Administrator.

Sure it's a work in progress, but for law enforcement it's progress towards a new and better workspace.

The new law enforcement center was designed with efficiency in mind.

The county will share the space with Moorhead police.

"They're going to be ecstatic. On the walkthrough today the police department and the sheriff's office they haven't seen it in a couple weeks, and they say every week, they see the progress and they think it's turning out great," said Nick Fiecke, project manager.

It isn't just an improvement, it's a major upgrade.

The sheriff's office will have a locker room, a serious tech upgrade and the public will have a 24/7 space to make craigslist exchanges.

It's all done with the future in mind, designed to be expanded on one day.

"This one we've designed to be able to go up for future generations," said Kevin Campbell, Clay County Commissioner.

The new jail is also a huge improvement.

"We're in an overcrowded, outdated facility, and we're moving into a modern facility with plenty of room and plenty of program space," said Savat.

The current one has been in use since 1966, the new one will house up to 186 inmates at a time.

But the jail administrator says the biggest change is the new behavioral health unit, which will help inmates with mental health issues, and hopefully reduce recidivism.

"They can take that out into the community and continue to improve and be more productive," said Savat.

As workers continue to make progress, law enforcement is counting the days until the July opening of the new center.

Phase one of the jail will be complete this summer, but a second phase will be finished in just over a year.

The Law Enforcement Center and two jail phases come with a $52 million price tag, with much of the cost covered by sales tax.