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People living near Monday's police standoff describe their experience

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WEST FARGO—Monday night's police standoff forced neighbors within a quarter mile radius to shelter in place.

Some were even evacuated.

You can still see the tire tracks which appear to be where the suspect who was shot and killed by police, Justin Dietrich, ran over a mailbox and smashed into two parked cars in a driveway at around 9 p.m.

The man who lives behind the driveway says he saw it all happen right outside his window.

Since moving here in 2002 Barry Nitzkorski has never seen anything like this.

"No. Very quiet neighborhood," said Nitzkorski.

But Monday night, he had a front row seat to a crime right to his driveway.

"Cops coming down the road, I opened up the drape and looked out and watched them come screaming back down from the south," said Nitzkorski.

That's when Barry heard a loud crash.

He says the suspect's pickup plowed through that snowbank, hit his mailbox and smashed into his company pickup before staying in the driveway before the rest of the standoff.

You can even see what appears to be a bullet hole still in the windshield.

Three doors down from Barry's house, another mailbox got knocked over, leaving behind chunks and shards scattered across the road.

Julie Fraser lives right across the street.

"So I was painting in my kitchen and we heard the squealing and the crash." said Fraser, "We still felt very safe because the cop presence was phenomenal and instant."

Officers would not let them leave the house, asking them to shelter in place.

Then at about 10:37 p.m. shots rang out.

"It really sent a shockwave up my spine and I was a little bit worried about my husband being a veteran, It was quite iconic. Something I hope I never hear again." Fraser said, "It was fast and it was very quick."

By this point police already had Barry evacuated from his home.

He was about a mile away.

"We were at our sisters and I could hear shots from there." said Nitzkorski.

Authorities were able to get a hotel room for Barry, his wife, and their 10-year-old furry baby.

Now Barry's focused on cleaning up the mess, calling family members, and rescheduling a charity trip.

"I was supposed to be on vacation starting tomorrow." said Nitzkorski.

Many neighbors living near the intersection, were the standoff happened, say they were not allowed to leave their homes until about 7 Tuesday morning, roughly 10 hours after it all started.