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Fargo woman gives back to community in honor of late mother

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FARGO—A Fargo woman's grief is turned into gratitude which is touching the lives of hundreds.

Jenna Meyers lost one of her best friends last year; her mother, Carol, lost her battle with breast cancer.

Meyers was devastated, but decided to honor her mom, and her mom's love, by showing the community some love.

There have been many tears the past year for Jenna Meyers, she lost a friend, a mentor, a mother.

"I thought she was the best person in the world," said Meyers.

Her mom, Carol Prien, lost her battle with breast cancer last June.

"She did it with a smile and with grace and a strong faith," said Meyers, "Being a mom was always a priority for her. Even when she was fighting for her life."

Their home church, Olivet Lutheran opened a food pantry in its basement recently, Carol's Longtime, boyfriend, Roger volunteered after she passed.

The pantry helps hundreds.

"Last monday we saw over 30 families. Sometimes a family is five, six or more people," said Meyers.

Meyers saw it as a perfect opportunity to share her mother's love.

On Roger's first birthday since June, Meyers had an idea.

"He didn't want gifts, he just wanted donations to the food pantry," said Meyers

In honor of Carol, she began the "Spread the Love" food drive.

She set a goal of 50 bags filled, but quickly smashed it.

This Valentine's day, Roger can see Carol's love, in the shape of 500 blue bags.

"It speaks to who she was. She had this huge following of friends. This has been a great journey," said Roger. 

With a small army of helpers, Meyers unloaded, organized and stocked thousands of pounds of food, through her effort hundreds of lives touched.

There have been many tears for Jenna Meyers this past year. Not all of them have been sad.

"But it's tears of joy to see how many people care about me, and my mom, and helping others," said Meyers. 

The final numbers are amazing; more than 7,000 pounds of food, worth more than $11,000 dollars.

Olivet is always looking for more donations, and volunteers as well.