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Homes, fish houses on Eagle Lake see spree of break ins

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OTTER TAIL CO.—Almost 30 homes in Lakes Country and a handful of fish houses are damaged, by the hands of vandals, 20 of those, are on Eagle Lake.

Eagle Lake is tucked away in Otter Tail County.

So tucked away, it's become a hot spot for a spree of break ins, which the Sheriff's Department is now investigating.

"To see that many in a row with more damage than items missing is pretty unusual," said Sheriff Brian Schueter, Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office.

There were 20 homes on this lake vandalized Wednesday into Thursday; damage is in the thousands.

"Just senseless vandalism. I guess I just don't understand why someone would want to do that," said Sheriff Schlueter.

The vandals even shot a TV with a BB gun, some property was also taken.

Right now, Sheriff Brian Schlueter says his team is following up on leads from clues left behind.

The Sheriff says this snow actually helped them discover all of the 20 homes that have been burglarized because the vandals left their tracks and there was a path to where they went.

There is a chance the vandals used some type of vehicle to cross the ice, and break into the houses and not knowing their tactics.

Cabin owners say, makes it hard to protect themselves.

"It sounds too that there has been some access to property across the ice," said Chad Biss, Cabin Owner, "It makes it a little harder to know where they are going to come or how they plan to come in.

So for right now, Chad Biss is instead following a strategy he can trust.

"We're bringing our fish house in on the weekends. After fishing, rather than leaving it out. We've started to turn on some lights in the cabin, randomly," said Biss.

20 home break ins shattering a sense of security in Lakes Country.

The Sheriff's Department is investigating if these break ins are tied with eight others on South Turtle Lake, just a few days before.