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Locals try their luck with Mega-Millions, Powerball jackpots high

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(WDAY)—Our temperatures may be bitterly cold, but lottery fever is heating things up with a growing jackpot.

Both the Mega-Millions and Powerball jackpots are worth well over $350 million dollars each.

The two have only both ballooned past $300 million dollars at the same time once before.

Lower odds and new rules have helped boost the games' prizes, but also made it harder to win.

As some press their luck, attendants say they've seen some people go all-in, reaching for the jackpot.

"I've seen someone buy $150 dollars worth before. That was when it was big last time," said Gabby Garza, M&H Attendant.

The fever continues through Wednesday, the Powerball drawing is Wednesday night.