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Rural asphalt plant voted a no go

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HORACE—The fate of a rural community was in the hands of a small board Tuesday night, as it voted on whether to permit an asphalt plant near Davenport, North Dakota.

Border States Paving wants to build an asphalt plant right by the Warren township, but needs approval before it can move forward.

Dozens of neighbors showed up Tuesday evening to explain exactly why they believe a plant doesn't belong near their homes.

Many packed a nearby Horace church for a zoning meeting.

Most agreed a plant proposed North of County Road 16 shouldn't go in.

Some were concerned about how it would affect property values, while others say the increased traffic up to 200 trucks per day isn't a risk worth taking.

Reps from Border State Paving argued industrial land could increase value of neighbor land, and would bring a lot of tax money to Warren.

"You're using the infrastructure, and that's what we do We build infrastructure for people like you. And it has to come from somewhere, we can't haul it from Bismarck," said Dan Thompson, President - Border States Paving.

Warren's zoning commission took a vote on whether to allow the plant, and opted to deny it.

Residents say it was the right move not only for financial reasons, but for safety reasons as well.

"We had a bus accident last year where we lost a driver to a large truck, just the safety of the kids in the area, I can't see where this would be good for the surrounding community," said Bryan Goldader, who lives near Warren.

This decision doesn't necessarily mean a plant won't ever be placed in that area, but if Border States wanted it to, it would likely need to start from square one.