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Organizers for 'Be a Santa for a Senior' aim to help 230 seniors

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FARGO—Holiday season is upon us.

If you've already completed your shopping list, but you still have the urge to go to the store, you're in luck.

You can shop and give back to seniors in the Fargo area through 'Be a Santa for a Senior.'

If you want to be a Santa this is what you have to do: visit a Family Fare or Courts Plus, pick up an ornament, and then drop off the items requested at the same store you got the list from.

Seniors are asking for items like gloves, blankets and socks.

The entire process is anonymous, but caretakers say it's rewarding.

"It makes you feel really good. Even though the person that's purchasing the gift doesn't know exactly who it's going to, they can know that it's to an individual who really needs the items," said Arlette Preston, caretaker.

This is the 14th year for the program.

The goal is to help 230 seniors this year.