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Increased numbers of consumers using phones to online shop

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(WDAY)—Safety should be a top priority when you're online shopping.

Americans have already spent $14-billion dollars on Thanksgiving deals mostly with their phones.

With phones everything is just a click away.

For Grace Anderson with a simple click of a button she uses her phone for about half of her online shopping.

"You can get anything you want delivered to your doorstep and a lot of time they are cheaper," said Grace.

Others are channeling their tech-savviness to find that next perfect gift for Christmas.

"I think I was doing it from my phone. I was ordering my granddaughter some books," said Jenenne Guffey, Shopper from Moorhead.

The Better Business Bureau says shoppers are more likely to check out with their 'cart' on their phones than on a computer.

"As soon as smart phones started to have that technology where they became our computer, we depend on them more than our actual computers or tablets," said Heather Johnson, Better Business Bureau.

The BBB says 60-percent of online shopping done during the Thanksgiving weekend was on a phone a huge number, meaning that now it's important to protect your information.

Most importantly, that means putting virus protection and firewalls on your phone and staying away from public wifi for purchases.

A few tips; for safe shopping this holiday season.

The BBB says the younger generation is most prone to fall victim from identity theft or scams from online shopping.